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Waterloo Regional Police Joined H4CD to Launch Youth Employment and Entrepreneurship Support Program

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

The Youth Employment and Entrepreneurship Support (YEES) program brings together young people to promote employment and entrepreneurship and breaking the cycle of unlawful employment by offering means through raising awareness to help at-risk youth engage in positive life activities, break systemic barriers, and contribute positively to society . This program is led by Hope For Community Development to offer a dynamic resource for youth seeking employment or the desire to become business owners/entrepreneurs in Kitchener, Ontario.

All services offered are free of charge to participants.

Hope For Community Development partners with the Waterloo Regional Police to provide services in the Kitchener-Waterloo region and is funded by the City of Kitchener, 880 Cities, TD Canada Trust, and the Waterloo Region. This is an investment for economic development to support the long-term success of young Black entrepreneurs and business owners.

YEES program offerings will include:

  • Employment/Entrepreneurship Development Support

  • Mentorship

  • Employment Services

  • Seminars + Workshops

  • Networking + Events

We will continue to assist youth to improve quality of life in Kitchener- Ontario.

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