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Our Board of Directors

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Treshanna Williams - Chair 

Treshanna Williams serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Johnson Children Services and Adult Foster Care Inc. She is a certified life skills coach and a trauma-informed yoga teacher (YTT200). Treshanna holds a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in the Humanities from York University.


 In 2014, Treshanna embarked on a transformative journey, founding BeTenacious365 with a mission to heal the world, one womb at a time. Her dedication is focused on guiding young women to reconnect with themselves and realign with their life purposes, fostering empowerment and self-discovery.


  As a testament to her commitment to community development, Treshanna co-founded The 7 Creative Community in 2018. This initiative was born from her desire to empower residents of TCHC to become active, healthy, and engaged citizens. Through meaningful leadership roles and the development of community initiatives, The 7CC addresses longstanding issues, making a lasting impact on the lives of those served.


Osaretin Igbinedion - Vice - Chair

Osaretin Igbinedion is a Registered Nurse with over 15 years of experience. He enjoys working in the healthcare industry. It can be a challenging career, but extremely rewarding.  


His success in providing quality care to patients across Ontario stems from his proven leadership skills coupled with an aptitude for providing the best care and exceeding hospitals and medical facilities expectations. Osaretin is a graduate of York University’s Bachelor of Science in Nursing program in Toronto. He is also a singer and a songwriter.


Fatta Yarmah - Director

As Facilitator, Educational Programming, Kadine is responsible for creating and coordinating the curriculum for Hope for Community Development’s Entrepreneurship Program. Kadine enjoys working as a Career Transition Coach & Speaker. For over 16 years she has been helping great talent find and build mutually rewarding relationships. She provides corporate training, workshops, executive coaching, and keynote speaking services on various topics. She also has a passion for inspiring and empowering ambitious women who seek to regain clarity with their career goals, build confidence, live in their purpose, & show up unapologetically as their fierce selves.  She helps professional women build a career brand that will set them on a path towards a more purpose-driven career and life.  Her teaching not only gets you the job but also provides you with the tools, resources, and confidence that you need to advance in your life and career while making a massive impact in your field. Whatever the circumstances, the coaching she provides propels clients forward in defining, tackling, and accomplishing their goals. Kadine’s expertise sits at the intersection of the future of work, organizational impact, and people strategies. You can find her at, doing what she loves.


Rutendo Grace Dube-Chikowore - Director

As Coordinator, Community and Volunteer Engagement, Amara is responsible for outreach and staffing support for programs and volunteers through the facilitation of various volunteer engagement activities like workshops and seminars. He develops trust-based relationships with volunteers and associated partners and assists them in building positive connections throughout their networks.


Amara is also in charge of creating and implementing the youth empowerment program. With many years of working in non-for-profits, he seeks to create spaces for young, racialized youth to educate them on issues concerning the community such as systemic racism, inequalities, etc.

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