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The City of Kitchener Supports Hope For Community Development's Multicultural Education Program

With the City of Kitchener's Love My Hood Matching Grant, Hope For Community Development hosted its first Black History Month Multicultural Education Program on Sunday February 5, 2023 at Chandler Mowat Community Center.

It was a memorable time together where over hundred community members from the Kingswood Drive neighbourhood, Chandler Drive and nearby neighbourhoods of young leaders, families, staff, volunteers, community partners, donors, and supporters of all kinds joined us to celebrate multiculturalism. The program showcased cuisine, attires, drumming, an mini African accessories market, cultural dance and music from Thailand, Somalia, South Sudan, Romania, Sierra Leone, Guinea, Liberia, Ethiopia, Philippine, Eritrea, Nigeria and Ghana!

There was special remarks from our special guests Councillor Ayo Owudunni of the City of Kitchener Ward 5 and exciting performances (including a live cultural dance group led by Queena dynamic dance group, traditional drumming led by the Somalian community President, and Sudanese cultural dance ). It was an amazing family filled event with youth engaging with the community members as well as guests.

A special thank you our Keynote Speaker, Farley F. Nwaigbo, former Canadian Idol Judge, Music Director, UNICEF Ambassador and Community Activist, reminded us of our commonalities and our uniqueness and the importance of empowering our youth, the future generations intentionally and consistently of what we can achieve “ together “…

At the end of the event, several leaders and community members were very impressed with the level of commonalities as Asians, Africans, and Europeans that were seen and felt through the activities and cuisine. A mini meeting was held few days after the program, based on what was experienced at the event, most community leaders want us to continue working together and to engage the community with multicultural education program such as the Hope for Community Development's Multicultural Education Program (MEP).

Hope for Community Development dynamic team of community members will always seek opportunities to promote multiculturalism in the best way possible.

Stay tune for our upcoming workshop sessions on multiculturalism......

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