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Our Staff

Ralph Dagoseh Pic.jpg

Ralph Dagoseh - Founder 

As founder of Hope for Community Development, Ralph's duty is to lead the organization and ensure that it is making significant improvements toward its mission and vision.


Ralph works tirelessly under the governance of the organization’s strategic plan and in concert with the executive members and board of directors, Ralph manages and drives Hope for Community Development’s activities and outcomes.


Ralph is active in Canada, Liberia, Ghana, and Ivory Coast. His expertise spans nonprofit management, Social Work, and Community Outreach. 

He has also served as President of the Association of Liberians Immigrants in Kitchener Environs and as a member of several boards of directors at other organizations.

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Francess Dunhann - Executive Director

As an executive director and co-founder, Francess takes an active part in the organization and she helps lead the organization and generates ideas for the organization's future. Francess is an experienced, skilled and visionary leader. She focuses on the mission and the fundamental goals of the organization to achieve sustained success.

Francess is also active in Canada, Liberia, Ghana, and Ivory Coast. Her expertise covers not-for-profit management, International Human Rights, fundraising, and Project Writing. In 2022, she was selected as one of the 20 Ontario Changemakers.

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Musa Kamara - Director, Operations and Administration

As Director, Operations, and Administration, Musa oversees scheduling, supervising, coordinating, and conducting all administrative and operational functions and activities across all sectors at Hope for Community Development.

Working directly with the executives and board members, he manages organization-broad collaboration on projects, processes, and systems both internally and externally to guarantee that Hope for Community Development processes is effective and successful. Musa strives to promote teamwork, collaboration, and the implementation of best practices across all departments at Hope for Community Development.


Kadine Cooper - Facilitator, Educational Programming 

As Facilitator, Educational Programming, Kadine is responsible for creating and coordinating the curriculum for Hope for Community Development’s Entrepreneurship Program. Kadine enjoys working as a Career Transition Coach & Speaker. For over 16 years she has been helping great talent find and build mutually rewarding relationships. She provides corporate training, workshops, executive coaching, and keynote speaking services on various topics. She also has a passion for inspiring and empowering ambitious women who seek to regain clarity with their career goals, build confidence, live in their purpose, & show up unapologetically as their fierce selves.  She helps professional women build a career brand that will set them on a path towards a more purpose-driven career and life.  Her teaching not only gets you the job but also provides you with the tools, resources, and confidence that you need to advance in your life and career while making a massive impact in your field. Whatever the circumstances, the coaching she provides propels clients forward in defining, tackling, and accomplishing their goals. Kadine’s expertise sits at the intersection of the future of work, organizational impact, and people strategies. You can find her at, doing what she loves.


Amara Sesay - Coordinator, Community, and Volunteer Engagement

As Coordinator, Community and Volunteer Engagement, Amara is responsible for outreach and staffing support for programs and volunteers through the facilitation of various volunteer engagement activities like workshops and seminars. He develops trust-based relationships with volunteers and associated partners and assists them in building positive connections throughout their networks.


Amara is also in charge of creating and implementing the youth empowerment program. With many years of working in non-for-profits, he seeks to create spaces for young, racialized youth to educate them on issues concerning the community such as systemic racism, inequalities, etc.

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Ann George - Manager, Strategic Initiatives

As Manager, Strategic Initiatives, Ann is responsible for the research, design, and implementation of new projects at Hope for Community Development. Working collaboratively with staff and board members and in consultation with members of the community and other organizations, her focus is on developing systems and processes that ensure that programming is sustainable, culturally appropriate, and responsive to the needs of the community.


Nakeisha Geddes - Facilitator, Professional Skills Development & Entrepreneurship

As Facilitator for our Professional Skills Development & Entrepreneurship Program, Nakeisha Geddes is collaborating with Kadine and other staff to facilitate workshops to assist young aspiring entrepreneurs on how to launch a sustainable business, simple strategies for starting a business they’ll love, and how to get clarity with their vision so that they can move forward with their business ideas. Through her expertise, she engages her students into business plan writing.

Nakeisha is the founder of Geddes Concept and Co-founder and Director of Beyond Services – Choice Matters Inc. She is passionate about engaging with her community. She has dedicated her time and experience, organizing empowerment conferences and mentoring workshops focused on mental wellness and business strategies. Nakeisha has worked with individuals with Developmental Disabilities for sixteen years and she is very passionate about her work and the people she supports.  She is a strong advocate for fairness and equality, and often finds herself advocating for people who are not able to adequately represent themselves. Nakeisha Geddes is also an award-winning author. She was the recipient of the 2018 Woman on Fire Author of the Year award. Her writing is inspired by her life experiences. Her mission in life is to spread a message which will “activate the best in you.” She hopes to empower her readers with her writing, by motivating them to love themselves and alter their perception of life. You can find what she loves doing at

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Jewel Jargbah - Manager, Educational Programming

As Manager, Educational Programming, Jewel is responsible for creating, planning, and coordinating curriculum, managing volunteers and participants, liaising with community members, and supervising administrative and operational tasks for youth and adult programs such as the After School Homework program, Housing Search program, Student and Family Advocacy, and Summer Literacy. Working closely with associates, she directs, manages, and collaborates on projects, processes, and systems to ensure that Educational Programming is efficient and effective. Jewel has a passion for inspiring and empowering others towards being their highest and greatest selves by using an asset-based approach.


Janet Swen - Student and Family Advocate

As a Student and Family Advocate, Janet is responsible for providing educational advocacy and support for the students and families at Hope for Community Development. Working closely with the Leadership Team, she provides educational advocacy and mediation and collaborates with partner agencies to create culturally relevant programming and support for students and families in need of educational advocacy and empowerment. Her goal at Hope for Community Development is to deliver effective advocacy for students and families and to empower them to reach their fullest potential.


Kimberlyn Davies - Coordinator, Educational Programming

As Coordinator, Educational Programming, Kimberlyn provides leadership and assistance with Hope for Community Development’s educational programs for youth and adults, as well as other educational initiatives for newcomer and marginalized families. Collaborating with the Manager of Educational Programming and other staff and volunteers, she facilitates educational programs, builds relationships with program participants, and assists with strategic planning, outreach, and administration.


Melisa Pannoh - Manager, Major Gifts

As Manager, Major Gifts, Melisa is responsible for Hope for Community Development’s fundraising efforts across all platforms and channels, as well as managing relationships with supporters, partners, and team members. A self-admitted data nerd, Melisa is passionate about the intersection of technology and fundraising, and how technology can be used to leverage engagement. As an advancement professional with over five years of experience, Melisa brings her formal and practical knowledge of non-for-profit management and information technology to Hope for Community Development

our princess.jpg

Princess Williams - Manager, Community Development & Partnerships

As Manager, Community Development and Partnerships, Princess is responsible for the strategic development, cultivation, and management of relationships with partners and stakeholders. This work spans the public, corporate, educational, and private sectors and is focused on fostering support to advance Hope for Community Development’s mission

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