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Hope for Community Development created a space where everyone is supported with the means to be successful and give back to society. Hope for Community Development always find ways to meet the needs, challenges, and opportunities relevant to everyone in its community. We do this by empowering marginalized black, newcomers, youth, children, women, families, and seniors in the Kitchener-Waterloo region and abroad to succeed through community workshops, access to educational materials, information literacy, social advancement, and permanent learning prospects


Working together with our community, Hope for Community Development inspires abilities to enrich the lives of marginalized, black children, youth, women, seniors, and single-parent families.


A community where everyone belongs and contributes to society


People and Partnerships- Hope for Community Development is people-focused. We support inclusion and value diversity.

Accountability- We take pride in our work Continuous Improvement- We engage in self-development through ongoing learning and education.

Integrity and Respect – In everything we do, we respect others.

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