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Adult Programs


Professional Skills & Entrepreneurship

Hope for Community Development provides different types of tailored professional skills development and entrepreneurship programming streams to assist aspiring and established professionals enhance their capabilities, support their families, growing their businesses and professional initiatives, and further contributing to society.


Adult Literacy

Hope for Community Development’s Adult Literacy program is built to support older adults with strengthening their skills, such as digital literacy including basic computer skills, the internet, etc.

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Sport & Recreation

Hope for Community Development’s Adult online and in-person Health and Fitness Program offers a various set of activities led by trained facilitators designed to promote and empower individuals to pursue healthy lifestyles through engagement in meaningful physical activity, seminars on healthy nutrition within a cultural context, and practicing mindfulness.

Student and Family Advocacy (Youth and Adult)

Student & Family Advocacy

The Student and Family Advocacy Program provides culturally relevant, community-based advocacy, information literacy, and system navigation for Black and newcomer students and families in the Kitchener-Waterloo region, including educational advocacy and mediation, and assistance in engaging with government agencies and systems.


Housing Search

Hope for Community Development assist its community members with housing search and moving activities. Hope for Community Development uses Housing Search as a Key Strategy for Ending Homelessness in the Kitchener-Waterloo region. Most marginalized newcomers, youths, adults, and families become homeless after experiencing a crisis. These individuals or families typically do not have a support network on which to rely and, therefore, have difficulty maintaining housing.

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Community Awards

Hope for Community Development’s Community Awards support newcomer, marginalized youth, and adults in their efforts to improve their lives such as accessing post-secondary education and continuing education. This will help reduce financial barriers and provide a mentorship and advice network.

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