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​Summer Literacy

Hope for Community Development’s Summer Literacy program is built to assist participants from the age of 10 to 18 with strengthening their learning skills, working habits and increasing their language skills. We provide opportunities for children from grade 5 through grade 12 to develop reading and research strategies as well as targeted interactive writing exercises through games. Mentors in our program work with participants to identify literacy goals and bridge academic gaps to help struggling students

Eliminating Systemic Barriers

Many youth from newcomer, marginalized, immigrant and refugee communities are disadvantaged in developing literacy strategies due to their parents being illiterate in their native language, as well as English, and do not have the means to help their children with basic literacy skills.  The education system in Canada is different from most countries around the world, students are put in classes based on their age. Most youths were placed in grades higher than their academic abilities as a result, they struggled in school. Through Hope for Community Development Summer Literacy Program, we aim to be the key intervention to help youth fill literacy gaps and remove barriers to positive community engagement. 


Ensure you submit a registration form, participants will be contacted to discuss their goals to accomplish during the program. This program runs from June to August.

If you would like to know more about the Summer Literacy Program, please call
(647) 783-6613 or email

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